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Sometimes I really love having my friend push me to write posts. Without our pact I would never get anything written. Other times, like tonight, I feel like it is a burden, but I still feel accomplished when I get a post out the door.

I’ve had an exhausting weekend. It has been fun, but I’m a little burned out. I was listening to my good friend and co-host, John Sextro, discuss sustainable pace on our latest podcast. He had recorded a solo podcast, and I found his message to be a great reminder.

I know that John has a passion for what he does, as do I. Passion makes it hard to take a break. Often taking a break actually seems more exhausting than the work. My weekend away from work was a great example.

It was very busy at my house with my five kids and a birthday party. We had twenty-two people over for brunch. I enjoyed my time with friends and family, and I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without their support. My most important support comes from my marvelous, wonderful, amazing wife, Kelley. She is the most important person in my life. This weekend we didn’t get to spend the time I would like together. That is why I’m signing off early.

Remember that every great team needs time to unwind together.

I love you, Kelley King.

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