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Ok so here I go. I don’t write often bucase inspiration comes at the most inopportune times. I always want to write something when I’m in the car or worse the bathroom. I thought I would force myself today. This is for two people. One I’ve known for a long time and record a podcast with. The other I just met, but we have a razor and a love of Ruby in common. I told one of them I would give a pomodoro a go.

You see, recently I attended the best damn ruby conference anywhere. During that conference speaker @wikimatze talked about giving back to OSS by doing one pomodoro every day. That got me thinking about all kinds of things to use pomodor’s for.

Lately my back has been killing me, and I sit in a chair focused for hours. I thought about calling Lisa Nowak for some advice on how to hang in there for the long haul. Then I decided to apply the pomodoro to my back problem. I work for the 20 minutes and then go for a walk during the 5 minute breaks. Not only does this help strengthen my back, but I don’t have to wear diapers. I also spend that time thinking about the next step. I really think it has helped me focus and gives my mind a time to make sure I’m on the right path. Sometimes it is hard to notice how dark the road is unless you look up.

Then I thought about this blog. Anyone who has ever read this blog in the past will know how ugly it was. Ok, so it is still ugly if you are reading this in a timely manner (or maybe even if you are reading this a year from now). It is a vast improvement, trust me. I’d like to include a screen shot, but I’m too lazy and with priorities this article really isn’t worth an extra pomodoro. So I spent a few pomodors on the look and feel of this horrible site.

I then spent a pomodoro setting up a new Ruby user group. I am now organizing two groups, PJ would be proud or think I’m crazy. You see I organize STLRuby because I’ve worked 108 miles from my home for 6.5 years. Recently I started working remotely for The Able Few . This puts me closer to home and has allowed me to start Rolla Ruby . I’m so excited to be able to get this going. I’ve wanted this for a while, but haven’t had the time with all the driving. There is a university in Rolla, not where I live but close, that I went to for my CS Degree. It had a much better name when I went there. I want to reach out to the CS students there and get them into testing before they hit the real world and have to be taught there. Maybe one of them will speak at a future Ruby Midwest

Well, my time is up. Sorry the muse didn’t find me today, but I’ll be back I can promise you another pomodor of that.

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